Sharp reflections in blurred mirror

Mirror in focus (near) = defocused reflection (far). Camera to subject distance = 0.5 m. Camera with APS-C size sensor. Lens with aperture f/1.4 Depth of field, based on DoF Calc – approx 0.5 cm. Reflection in focus (far) = defocused mirror (near). Camera to subject distance = 3.0 m + 0.5 m (mirror to subject…Follow…


CNC 3 axis plotter from old DVD’s

Video shows machine movement speedup two times. Sound: “Peaks & Valleys” by Metatronaut. Three DVD’s motor plants joined with only few external parts and screws. Chassis frame based on KP7 square. X axis runs over Y axis plane. Construction based on arduino nano clone with grbl firmware. Works via USB with grblControl on host PC. No home|safety switches yet…Follow…


LANC controller for Black Magic Design Cameras

Project based on modification of Ariel Rocholl code. Basic Arduino sketch was shrink and ported to ATtiny45 microcontroller. There was no needs for more buttons just than REC button for camera remote controll. Datagram byte for recording was changed from source HEX 0x3A to HEX 0x33 due to BlackMagic cameras LANC protocol variation. After launch,…Follow…


Atmel AN446 – stepper motor controller

Wersion without LEDs I|O signal indication.   Modification for Atmel’s AN446 aplication note. Add PULSE and DIR outputs, E-STOP and ZERO switch inputs and LED status indicator. Schematic with I|O line LEDs.   ATmega48 runs on inernal 8MHz oscillator. Seriall I|O for remote operation based on standard RS-232 male DB-9 connector and voltage levels. E-Stop…Follow…


DUO Tiny – front cover

Work in progress – front pannel for DUO tiny pocket computer. Tin box from Cinnamon Flavour Mints. Brushed for surface cleaning. Holes for buttons and display are crossing with tin foldings. Paper patches are stitched with cynoacrylic glue for flat cover. Next will be polishing and painting.


MQTT clients: camera relase + flash fire.

MQTT clients for Raspberry PI based broker. IoT project based on MQTT broker software named Mosquitto. Installed on Raspberry Pi – ARM based architecture microcomputer with Raspbian system. Sample console Mosquitto commands: MQTT client are connecting to broker and focusing on topic “fire”. mosquitto_sub -h localhost -v -t fire Command “flash” starts MQTT clients –…Follow…


sensors: magnetic or infrared

Sensor with IR phototransistor element. LED diode fading colors from red to green according to white plane distance. Magnetic – HAL sensor shows only two states – On/Off. Both sensors can operate in two modes: “live” or “wake up, sample and sleep” – power saving mode. Sensors can be applied for motors revolution sync |…Follow…


kinetik test

Lunatik’s taktik extreme after real crash. Design by MNML – exploding view rendring.


3 key USB keyboard

Project based on V-USB software and 4-key-keyboard code. For remote operation with Canon EOS camera. Sends “space” for Canon Utility software or “F8 – take a photo”, “F9 – take a preview photo” for use with DSLR Remote Pro. I was changing keys scan codes descriptions in program code and remove needless fourth key (named “switch…Follow…


DUO Tiny – pocket computer

Construction based on Jack Eisenmann’s DUO Tiny. Whole computer fits into credit card sized sweet box. This AVR microcontroller based device can be programmed in custom made DTPL language. Four keys keyboard was designed for coding on DUO Tiny.Preparing hardware to work was divided in two steps. First loading “empty” DUOtiny base (bootloader). Next loading…Follow…