Sharp image reflection in blurred mirror

IMG_1220Mirror in focus (near) = defocused reflection (far). Camera to subject distance = 0.5 m. Camera with APS-C size sensor. Lens with aperture f/1.4 Depth of field, based on DoF Calc – approx 0.5 cm.IMG_1223Reflection in focus (far) = defocused mirror (near). Camera to subject distance = 3.0 m + 0.5 m (mirror to subject + camera to mirror). Aperture same as above. Depth of field – approx 26 cm. IMG_1220-23Computer composition of both (near+far) images.IMG_1205Another sample. Mirror in focus.IMG_1202Focus on the reflection – cover from RES magazine.IMG_1202-05Composition. Composition – from left to right – focus to: reflection with f/1.4, reflection with f/8, mirror with f/1.4.