IMG_0190Project based on modification of Ariel Rocholl code. Basic Arduino sketch was shrink and ported to ATtiny45 microcontroller. There was no needs for more buttons just than REC button for camera remote controll. Datagram byte for recording was changed from source HEX 0x3A to HEX 0x33 due to BlackMagic cameras LANC protocol variation.

IMG_0157After launch, on board LED diode is shortly emitting orange light and then become green for STANDBY mode. Pressing the button sends record request from board to camera.

IMG_0160When camera confirms and starts recording LED color changes to red for RECORD. Next button press backs camera to STANDBY mode. LED diode is emitting green light again.

Finally, board was covered into a box and get externall input for computer trigger. Project was tested with BM Pocket, BM CinemaCamera and Sony DCR-TRV900E MiniDV recorder.

Board circuit. Source code for ATtiny45: LancControl