Atmel AN446 – stepper motor controller

Wersion without LEDs I|O signal indication.


Modification for Atmel’s AN446 aplication note. Add PULSE and DIR outputs, E-STOP and ZERO switch inputs and LED status indicator.

AVR_446Schematic with I|O line LEDs.


ATmega48 runs on inernal 8MHz oscillator. Seriall I|O for remote operation based on standard RS-232 male DB-9 connector and voltage levels. E-Stop switch (one or many) is necessary to avoid electrical/mechanical damage when motor can run outside working area. Reset value switch is for zero point – home setup.
Eight status LED’s are not physically connected yet… Next step will be to add MPG encoder into hardware to manualy setup/trim current motor position in real time.


AVR446_terminalTerminal window.


Terminal works with speed 19200 bauds. I would like to implement hardware inputs into a code. Especially, zeroing position – create new HOME setup, should be possible to enter from command line.


Below link to .hex file with extended features added to AVR application note.