3 key USB keyboard

Project based on V-USB software and 4-key-keyboard code. For remote operation with Canon EOS camera. Sends “space” for Canon Utility software or “F8 – take a photo”, “F9 – take a preview photo” for use with DSLR Remote Pro. I was changing keys scan codes descriptions in program code and remove needless fourth key (named “switch…Follow…

DUO Tiny – pocket computer

Construction based on Jack Eisenmann’s DUO Tiny. Whole computer fits into credit card sized sweet box. This AVR microcontroller based device can be programmed in custom made DTPL language. Four keys keyboard was designed for coding on DUO Tiny.Preparing hardware to work was divided in two steps. First loading “empty” DUOtiny base (bootloader). Next loading…Follow…

tetrahedron LED lamp panel

Four LEDs connected in series. Soldering based on existing pads (part of them are detach to avoid short circuits).

esp8266 | more pins | GPIO4, GPIO5 + ADC input

Soldering thin wire to chip pads gives more GPIOs. Now esp8266 can operate with GPIO0, GPIO2, GPIO4 (pin 16) and GPIO5 (pin 24). It can also read 0-1V level via ADC (pin 6 – TOUT). Next will be using GPIO12,13,14,15 (pins 10, 12, 9, 13).

circular LED lamp panel

White LEDs connected in paralell. Ring for macro photography.